Before going back to school to get a PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, I received a master’s in fiction writing and spent a number of years working on short stories and a novel, linked below. I love writing for its own sake and also applying these writing skills to articulating my scientific research both in academic journals and popular science outlets.

Science Writing

What Bird’s Really Listen for in Birdsong (It’s Not What You Think) in Scientific American, May 2022.

Birds Can Tell Us a Lot about Human Language in Scientific American blog, Feb 2018.

Fiction Writing


DreamLAnd is the story of Lyle Grant, whose mission to avoid adulthood is derailed when his troubled cousin disappears in the gritty depths of Los Angeles.

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Short Stories: “Uncle Camus” – Cactus Heart, “The Untapped” – The Offbeat, “Igloo” – Connu, “Moving in” – Necessary Fiction