Modern Life: A Five-Paragraph Essay

In today’s society, there is much debate about whether life is better now than it was in the past. The world used to be much simpler. What has changed? How are things different? Where would you prefer to be? Perhaps you’ve thought about this. Though some people think that life is the same as always and others that it has changed for the worse, I believe that advancements in communication technology, food production, and entertainment have made life mostly better for people living today.

Firstly, it is much easier to communicate with people now than it was a hundred years ago. We not only have phones but cell phones; and not only cell phones but smartphones. The Internet is also a great tool for communication. You can stay connected with friends from other countries who you met on study abroad trips. You can send tweets to celebrities and discuss political issues with people you’ve never actually met. Some people think that in-person communication is harder now. People are always looking at their phones. And when they talk to each other, they are more awkward. Yet if people don’t like cell phones or the Internet then they can just stop using them, but they don’t, so they must really like it. Therefore, communication is better now than it used to be.

Food is also better. People used to starve to death all the time. Now it is rare. You can get almost anything you can imagine at the supermarket. We have powerful grains that don’t die in bad weather. We know the right way to treat animals in order to ensure that they live happy lives while also producing as much meat as possible. You can get fruit from far away instead of being stuck with what grows in the weather around you. But some people complain about chemicals like preservatives and genetic modification and unhealthy stuff like carbs. Yet a hundred years ago, they would be complaining about being hungry or eating rotten food. Thus advancements in food production are a key to the success of modern life.

In addition, entertainment is way better than it’s ever been before. You used to only be able to see plays and maybe sports games and listen to radio shows. Now there is everything. Movies, TV shows, music that you can download, sports all the time, video games you could play forever, lots of very fun lists to read, and many pictures. It’s like if all you wanted to do was sit in your bed all day and be entertained, you could do that. Opponents think that this is too much, that it spoils us. As if it’s better to do nothing and be bored or to spend all your time doing things you don’t like. But clearly we like these things. And even those who don’t like them must like not liking them. Thus entertainment is important and has brought today’s world to new heights.

In conclusion, modern life is a great place and that’s thanks to advancements in communication technology, food production, and entertainment. Some people think that there are downsides to the way things are now, but maybe they are just unhappy people who wouldn’t like their lives no matter what. It is apparent, in fact, that it is much easier and happier to live now than it was a hundred years ago. It’s hard to see how those people in the past did it. Maybe citizens in the future will say the same thing about us when life gets even better. I can’t even imagine what that future will be like but I’m sure it will be amazing for everybody.

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